IN THIS EPISODE: Emily Silva (Life and Spiritual Coach and Author of of Moonlight Gratitude, 365 Nighttime Meditations for Deep, Tranquil Sleep All Year Long) shares the inspirational journey that took her from a corporate job to becoming an author and coach.    


- How a chance encounter with an intuitive painter in Costa Rica changed the course of Emily’s life.  

- What intuitive painting is and how it can be used as a tool in your own spiritual journey.

- The importance of sitting in stillness to tap into your intuition.  

-  How Reiki can help you tune into the blocks that are holding you back.    

- The power of specificity when manifesting goals.

- Hoe to navigate the “what’s next” moments in your life. 


“After spending many successful years working for corporations, I decided to take the leap and quit my job to pursue my dreams. I wanted to travel the world and write.

During a trip to Costa Rica, I was given the word "brave" by my intuitive painting teacher. I decided to learn what it meant to fully embrace my courage. This set-in motion a series of life changing events including leaving my job and becoming a Life and Spiritual Coach.

I had experience with training and coaching in my previous positions in the banking and wine industries and enjoyed helping others overcome obstacles and achieve goals. I believe everyone has the power to create the lives they dream of. It takes courage, openness, drive and sometimes someone to hold them accountable and inspire them along the way.

As a coach, I have helped people in various areas in their lives. I have coached professionals on how to elevate their careers. I have helped several women start their side-hustles. I have also helped others set creative goals. On a deeper more spiritual level, I have helped people tap into their intuition and connect with their spirituality.” –Emily Silva



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