The You Economy is a business movement, one that is revolutionizing how we work, live and play.*  In part 2 of our You Economy series, we are thrilled to be joined by Jennifer Rae to talk about Direct Sales and Network Marketing.  With over a decade in the industry on the corporate side, Jennifer is here today to help us break down the benefits of having a product partner as well as demystify some of the typical myths surrounding network marketing.

This is not a sales pitch.  While we do mention the company that we are partnered with, this episode is designed to give you an inside look into the an exciting, and often overlooked, business model.  Today you will learn the benefits of network marketing, what to look for when choosing and aligning yourself with a product, as well as exploring all the opportunities direct selling can hold. So, whether you are an established entrepreneur or simply looking to start a little side hustle, we hope that this episode will bring some clarity and light to help you thrive on your own journey. 

*If you want to learn more about the You Economy, make sure to check out Episode #5 for part 1 of this series. 

** Jennifer Rae is a Network Marketing Veteran with over 17 years experience supporting Independent Associates in Direct Selling and Network Marketing.  Having started her career in a founding industry company, Jennifer has held many roles as corporate partner to Associates , from training to creating and leading Leadership strategies to recognition and events.  Currently the Director of Field Development for USANA Canada, she is passionate about elements of this industry that change lives every day.

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