In today’s episode, we are thrilled to be joined by Stine Graubaek to talk about Health Coaching and holistic, plant-based living.  Stine is not only a certified Health Coach but a medical doctor, yoga instructor and Reiki-Healer.  After working for several years in hospitals, she found there was a general disconnect between treating symptoms and actually healing a patient. 

Through her work as a doctor she met a lot of people that wanted to do things differently but didn’t know where to start.  Her goal as a Holistic Health Coach is to guide people through that jungle of information that seems to trip us all up in order to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes. Originally from Denmark and now based in the Galapagos Island, Stine will not only be sharing her own personal story today, but she helps us to shed some light the role of a Health Coach from a doctor’s perspective. 

You can connect with Stine on Instagram @stinegraubaek or find her online at where she offers yummy plant based recipes and Holistic Living advice.

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