Today we are thrilled to be joined by Erica Layton, to talk about the ancient art of Reflexology.  Erica is not only a Registered Reflexology Therapist, but she is a certified nutritionist, advanced personal trainer and reiki master.  Her passion for the healing arts, and dedication to helping her clients live a balanced, happy life, has made Erica a sought-out teacher and leader in her industry. 

Today she is here to share her passion for Multireflexology and how it can help you to live a more balanced, luscious life. 


• The difference between traditional reflexology and Multireflexology.

• Discovering how reflexology can be a powerful addition to your personal health and self-care regimes.

• Specifically exploring what a facial reflexology is and how it can benefit not just your skin, but your entire body.

• And finally, Erica will share her own personal story and give specific examples of how reflexology has helped her in her own life.     

It is a fascinating conversation filled with powerful insights that is sure to leave you inspired.



Erica Layton, a natural in the healing arts, is a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist, certified nutritionist, advanced personal trainer and reiki master, uniquely combines many philosophies of thought, skills and expertise, allows for a fully rounded health approach to all of her clients and peers. Her style includes take home advice, tips and tricks including quick and simple face massages, exercises or stretches, and nutritional coaching or recommendations for a cleaner, happier lifestyle.

Erica’s passion lies in educating both her clients and the masses in all areas to achieve this equal and unified balance. As a teacher for both the Association of Canada and the International School of Multireflexology she delivers multiple courses each year in Canada and the USA in RAC foot and EiMDC facial reflexology- the original method. Erica’s teaching style is sought out because of its practical style and multifaceted teaching techniques while her entrepreneurial spirit has attracted many rewarding partnerships. As the creator of one of Canada’s first successful reflexology only clinics, Erica is excited to be a professional and leader in the industry, bringing reflexology in both therapy and holistic esthetics across the continent.  



Youtube channel: Erica’s Reflex Appeal for more videos on how to use your tools
Instagram: @Reflex_appeal 
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