Recently, there has been lots of talk in the media about dark chocolate and it has been labeled as a “superfood” thanks to its many nutritional benefits.  But with all the choices on the market, how do you know you are picking the right bar for you?

To answer that question, we are excited to introduce you to Geordan Spicer, chocolate producer and visionary behind Moth Chocolate. Geordan is on a mission to not only create single-origin chocolate bars that taste amazing, but are also ethically sourced and help to promote sustainability in the cacao industry.  She is here today to help us demystify the bean-to-bar chocolate process and give us an inside look into the world of artisanal chocolate.        

When it comes to chocolate, you get what you pay for and today you will discover how dark chocolate is not only a litmus test for sugar addiction, but how it can reshape your nutrition, mental wellness and gut health.

* Geordan Spicer is a bean-to-bar chocolate producer from Calgary, Alberta.  She owns a micro-batch chocolate company called Moth Chocolate.  The name Moth Chocolate comve from the idea of seeking out light in the midst of darkness.  Geordan's focuses is on using sustainable and ethical cacao beans to produce her signature bars.  Her beans that come from small share-holder and family-run farms.

You can find Moth Chocolate online at

To connect with Geordan on Instagram @mothchocolate



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