Have you ever wondered what your life would look like if you ditched the so-called “perfect path” and started aligning your purpose with your passion every single day?  Well today we are thrilled to be joined by creative solopreneur Amy Armstrong to talk about she did just that. Amy is the owner of Ash + Ky, a gemstone jewelry company created for free-spirits who believe that kindness can change the world.  She is also the founder of That Hell Yes Life, an Instagram account where Amy shares her secret to living a life that that fuels her soul. Her motto is simple:  If it’s not a hell Yes, then it’s a NO.

This episode is a raw, and often uncensored look, into the life of a solopreneur on a mission. We cover a wide range of topics starting with Amy’s own personal journey and the three questions she used to change her life.  We also tackle what to do when fear creeps into your life or business, and Amy shares some practical and insightful tips into how she used into Instagram to not only build her business but also create a community of like-minded individuals that inspire her daily. 


** Amy Armstrong started Ash + Ky, a gemstone jewelry company, when she became increasingly unhappy in her career after having followed the so-called “perfect path” of getting a good education, including a Master’s degree, followed by a secure, government job with great pay, vacation and benefits. She felt empty and unhappy and knew there had to be more to life. She wanted to live an incredible life, a life that made her say “Hell YES!”, and make a huge impact in the world but she wasn’t exactly sure how she was going to do this. She started asking herself three main questions that completely transformed her life. When she realized the positive impact this simple exercise was having on her she became incredibly passionate about encouraging others to reflect on their own life in the same way and sharing her hell YES journey. Her new life mottobecame: If it’ss not a hell YES, it’s a no. 

You can find Ash+Ky online at www.ashandky.com.

You can also connect with Amy on Instagram @ashandky or @thathellyeslife or on Facebook at Ash+Ky or ThatHellYesLife



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