HOW TO: Tune Into Your Intuition 

IN THIS EPISODE: Candace McKim (Author, Intuitive Coach, TEDx Speaker) shares her wisdom around what Intutition is and how you can tap into yours today to start seeing massive shifts in your own life.


Candace McKim,  Author of Yogini’s Guide - Intuition Is A Choice and Yogini’s Guide to Intuition Oracle Cards, Intuitive Coach, Seminar/Retreat/Training/Mentorship Facilitator and Speaker.  Candace combines the wisdom and benefits of Intuition, Yoga and Meditation with her Social Work degree and life situations to create a path to a happy and purposeful life.

Candace’s life work is in support of The Woman who is trying to be everything to everyone, hoping her life looks beautifully perfect.  On the inside, this Woman feels something is missing, she yearns for connection.  As she hears the voice of her intuition she fears stepping wholly into her purpose and femininity, afraid of ridicule, confrontation and loss of security.

Through Candace’s Book, Oracle Cards, TEDx Talk, interactive workshops, inspirational talks, intuitive coaching, seminars, webinars, podcasts and retreats;  She guides you to identify your path, supporting you to courageously stay connected to your intuition and value your femininity.


"It is in the silence that we hear the answers."

Meditation needs becomes a non-negotiable part of your daily life.

It is when you get silent and meditate where you will get answers, learn to cope with stress, giving you more time and energy.  Meditate every day for 10 - 30 minutes.  Release expectations for your meditations, instead just enjoy this quiet time that is just for you.  

There are four stages of meditation that you can read more about in my book Yogini’s Guide - Intuition Is A Choice.  As well as find the PDF - 7-Steps to Meditation in the Downloads section on this page.  To receive this offer: CLICK HERE 



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