IN THIS EPISODE: Keara McCullough (Personal Trainer and Health Coach) shares the story of her own personal wellness journey, from her days as a teen dabbling in just about every diet and workout fad she could find to her experience as a contestant in a professional bikini competition.  


- What no one tells you about training for a bikini competition.

- How to create balance in your own training schedule. 

- The importance of listening to your body while working out.

- How to adjust to the changes your body makes as you get older.

- The role mindset can play when pursuing a big goal. 


Keara McCullough is a Personal Trainer, Cycle Bar Instructor and Health Coach based in San Diego, California.  Her passion in life is to empower people to live better and feel better by eating well, sweating regularly, and investing into their overall wellness. Eating a plant-based diet full of whole foods from the earth is a huge part of her philosophy. She beleives that we all need to nourish our bodies from the inside-out to get the results we want. 





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