IN THIS EPISODE: Aja Horsley, creator of Drizzle Honey, is here talk about her sweet success in the Honey Biz!



- The importance of honey Bees and the job they do for the environment.

- An inside look into a hive.

- The 3 Ps of Sustainability. 

- Things to look for when buying honey (and what different colors actually mean).

- How to take a prodocut from concept, through testing and compliance, all the way to market.

- The power of knowing your strengths and weaknesses in business and how to use that knowledge to your advantage.


Aja is an environmental scientist, turned entrepreneur who has a passion for healthy, sustainable products and natural, delicious honey. She started Drizzle in 2015 and released Drizzle’s current product line into the retail market in August 2016. Drizzle was inspired by Aja’s urban agriculture research and a rooftop beekeeping project that led her to discover the beauty of honey bees and honey.



Online at:

On Instagram: @drizzle_honey

On Facebook: @drizzlehoneyproducts

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