IN THIS EPISODE: Marisa Griggs (Corporate Attorney turned Holistic Health Coach) talks about what inspired her to follow her passion and launch a new career. 


- Why a healthy mind (and mindset) is the key to overall health.

- Marisa shares how her personal health journey inspired a massive shift in her life and career.

- A deep dive into what life-style design looks like. 

- The importance of self-care and how to incorporate it into your everyday life.  

- Why health coaching is so important.


Marisa Griggs is a corporate attorney turned holistic health coach focusing on improving women’s lives by providing them the tools they need to nourish and heal their mind, body and spirit. Marisa believes that while a nourishing and delicious diet can fix a lot, it all starts with a healthy mind. Between her discontent with her corporate career and a serious health scare, Marisa finally listened to her intuition and launched her holistic health coaching business, Bring Our Your Bliss in January of this year and has never been happier. In addition to coaching women online and local to look and feel their best, Marisa develops recipes and partners with brands that put quality first.

“I had two inner ear surgeries this year that really woke me up to how precious each day is, and that we have an obligation to treat each day like a gift. Those dark times are what really brought me to this light-filled space I am in now.” –Marisa Griggs



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