IN THIS EPISODE: Jordana Hart is a Certified Nutritionist and creative mind behind the blog, I Hart Nutrition.  In her own work, Jordan supports her clients by teaching them how to discover the right ingredients to help them feel their optimal best. 

An influencer herself, Jordana truly embodies what it means to “leads by example” and she is here today giving a behind the scenes look at her own life as well as insights into Health trends that will pick up in the new year and some of the common struggles she sees in her own practice.



 The importance of listening to the needs of your body and choosing foods that fuel you. 

-   How social media is changing the way we get our health information online.

-  We take a deeper look at Disordered Eating and Jordana shares some of the tips she uses to shift the conversation in her practice and online.

-  Health trends to keep an eye out for in 2018.

-  Insights into how social media has changed her business and her biggest surprise she learned along the way.


“I created I Hart Nutrition as an online community for people to gain valuable and easy-to-follow nutrition tips they can use in everyday life. Over the years, I have recognized that people tend to get caught up in this obsession with ‘dieting’. Well – newsflash…being on a diet is not necessarily the same thing as being healthy. Nutrition is all about discovering the right ingredients for your body -and yes, it’s different for everyone! It is important to fuel your body with whole, unprocessed and unrefined foods.” - Jordana Hart




Instagram: @ihartnutrition


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