IN THIS EPISODE: Katie McIntosh is a former (self-proclaimed) fat-girl turned dream chasing travel blogger with a mission to inspire others to see the beauty of the world and live life to its fullest. She has a passion for all things travel, photography, nature and generally anything outside the ever dangerous comfort zone. When she isn’t traveling, you can find her cuddled up with her two dogs and a warm cup of tea, blogging away on her own website -



  How a solo trip at the age of 12 opened Katie’s eyes to the world of travel. 

  The importance of staying positive while traveling and some of the lessons she has learned on the road. 

-   Insights into what it actually looks like to be a travel blogger.

-   How Katie manages her own health struggle with endometriosis while traveling. 

-   A look ahead to 2018 and an exciting new project Katie has in the works.


“I never thought I would have a blog. Until one morning the blog chose me.  I was doing a sunrise workout on the beach in Hawaii and I couldn’t help but think of how beautiful the ocean sunrise was and how lucky I was to live in Hawaii. I felt called to create something to share it with others in the hopes that they could experience it too. I had no idea how to make a website, take photos or write posts. I had a lot to learn, but I jumped in and have been learning ever since. My blog has a life of it’s own and it has been growing and changing as I found my spot in the blog world. What started with blogs about hikes in Hawaii has grown into a global travel blog to share extraordinary travel experiences for ordinary people (like me). One thing remained, I blog to inspire others to experience the beauty of the world around us.” - Katie McIntosh



Instagram: @thekatieshowblog

Facebook: @thekatieshowblog



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