IN THIS EPISODE:  Susy Markoe Schieffelin joins the Luscious Living Podcast to talk about her preferred healing modality, sound. The importance of sound as a tool for healing has been recognized by many cultures throughout the world for thousands of years. Susy loves working with sound because it is accessible to everyone and has the ability to both enhance and expedite the results of “normal” meditation. Susy is excited to share her knowledge and help others experience how the harmonic sounds of crystal bowls in sound meditation can have life-changing effects. 



 A deep dive into what a Sound Bath is and how it is the perfect “foot in the door” to the world of meditation.

-  A look at how Sound Therapy can transform and heal.

-  What to expect when going to a Sound Bath and how to prepare for the experience.

-  The power roles of intention, manifesting and breath play in the healing process.

-  Insights into how sound affects us in our everyday life and how we can ease anxiety and stress through sound therapy (and silence).

-  Exploring the spiritual side of money.

-  A look at Susy’s own journey of self-discovery that lead her to find her chosen path. 


Susy Markoe Schieffelin created The Copper Vessel because she believes that real healing is a holistic path that begins with a journey to the Self. Known for her “sunshine spirit,” heartful way of living, and loving dedication to healing, Susy’s background includes a double degree in East Asian Studies and Religious Studies from the University of Virginia as well as training in Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Usui Reiki, yoga, and the art of Sound Healing.

Susy’s commitment to holistic healing was born from her own personal experiences overcoming anxiety, addiction and dis-ease. Susy works with individuals and groups alike to facilitate rediscovery of the inner peace, happiness, health, and harmony that exists within us all.



Instagram: @thecoppervessel

Facebook: @thecoppervessel

Twitter: @susyschieffelin


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